Going deep with Big Daddy – Winter Holiday Special

by Chris Saur, FPA Contributor
As we cruise into the final two weeks of the NFL season, we are reaching the point when playing Fantasy Pro Analyst is way better than tradition leagues. And that’s even if you are one of those jerks, er, I mean geniuses that got lucky and rode Eddie Lacy or Josh Gordon into the finals of your league.
Those of us who picked Ray Rice or Doug Martin in the first round are done with our traditional league and putting our focus where it should have been all along, our FPA picks. Oh, and for those of you that picked C.J. Spiller in the first round … wow, I don’t know what to tell you.
But even those super successful guys that made the finals are now finding that Week 16 means their guys may not be the same guys they’ve been all year. Maybe they are feeling the pain of a long season or maybe their coach is going to give them a game off just to rest.
Say you shrewdly picked up Alshon Jeffrey or drafted Brandon Marshall and have been loving the points you’ve been getting no matter who is playing QB for the Bears. Then today, you are tinkering with your lineup for your league’s championship game and you see a little box next to their name to click for more info. Yup, Bears coach Marc Trestman did say he might rest his starters if a few early games break right and Chicago has nothing to play for this week.
Now you’re left to hope your waiver priority is higher than the guy you are playing so you can scoop up Kendall Wright from the Titans or take a flyer on the Giants’ Rueben Randle.
Meanwhile, for FPA players this is a fun time of year. Sleepers are everywhere and with an iPad mini available for the highest score in any given week, a little extra research could get you past the jabroni that is still picking the usual suspects. If you can find this week’s Matt Asiata, Andre Caldwell or Tim Wright — and rank them in a good spot  — you could be watching porn, oops I mean doing important research on your very own iPad mini in a few weeks.
And we should find out soon (or by the time you are reading this maybe we already have) whether Aaron Rodgers will be playing for the Packers. If he isn’t, does that mean Matt Flynn, who threw four TD passes last week, is someone to look at?
Play on playas,
Big Daddy

Going deep with Bid Daddy (Thanksgiving Special)

by FPA contributor, Chris Saur
Just a quick one since its a holiday weekend … the best holiday weekend if you are a football fan.
I took a quick poll to see what my buddies liked best about Thanksgiving and the fact that there are three NFL games that day took second only to stuffing their faces with gravy-soaked deliciousness.
Thanksgiving games have given us tons of memories over the years, from Leon Lett being a bonehead to the term Har-bowl getting its start.
But this year, I’m going to remember that I almost put DeMarco Murray in the top 5 of my FPA RB rankings before chickening out, then had to watch him go for three TDs. Oh well, at least I got to stuff my face with gravy-soaked deliciousness.
Play on playas,
Big Daddy

Going deep with Big Daddy (wk 11/12)

Okay guys, no more excuses.
With Fantasy Pro Analyst rolling out its new mobile capability this week, tinkering with your rankings has never been easier. Just don’t let your lady catch you bringing your iPad into the bathroom. If that’s proven too difficult for you, that just means you need to step up your FPA game and win that iPad mini.
As we come down the stretch of the season, the best way to put up big points is to keep up on the trends as they happen. Like a good blackjack player, you gotta know when to let it ride (think Nick Foles, who has been in the top 10 for the past three weeks, or Big Ben, who has been highly ranked twice in the past three weeks) and when pull it down (think Colin Kaepernick, who hasn’t been the same since Week 1 and is 0-for-the past 3 weeks, or Matt Ryan, who hasn’t seen the top 10 since Week 7).
The other way to make sure your rankings are on point is to pay attention to the defense the guys are facing. Sure you probably look to see if guys you like are going against a good defense, but do you check who is going against the crap defenses?
Donald Brown made it into the top 5 last week, but how much of that was him and how much of that was going against the Titans, who are tied for last — with the Jags and Redskins — in run TDs allowed? Or is it just that the Browns were right about Trent Richardson sucking.
Assuming it had something to do with the D he was facing, it’s worth taking a second look at Ben Tate (he’s facing the Jags), Rashad Jennings (vs. Tennessee) and Frank Gore (vs. Washington).
Play on playas,
Big Daddy

Going deep with Big Daddy (10/11)

by FPA contributor, Chris Saur

You may have already guessed that Big Daddy takes big byes, but I’m back from the two-week layoff just in time for a big Week 11.

Looking back over the past two weeks, most FPA players missed getting sleeper points for Jason Campbell, Case Keenum and Jerrico Cotchery, which I probably wouldn’t have advised anyway — but also Nick Foles and Andre Brown, who I surely would have given as suggestions.

But lets not live in the past.

Speaking of the future, I’ve got a little inside info for you. I had a text exchange with one of the FPA big shots earlier this week. After exchanging the usual pleasantries (think Incognito/Martin), he let me in on a new feature for FPA player to take advantage of — Challenges.

Still in its early stages, this feature lets you use your picks in challenges against a select group and, eventually, win weekly prizes. Stay tuned here or check the FPA website for more details.

Now, when you begin to set your rankings for Week 11, there is one big factor that will turn poor FPA performers into smart FPA performers and smart FPA performers into iPad winners — the injury report.

This week, picking which players will suit up and which players will actually play well is going to be big. Guys like Crabtree, Harvin and McFadden all could play, but how will they perform? Backup QBs in Green Bay and Chicago will play, but how will they be able to put up good numbers?

Play on playas,
Big Daddy

Going deep with Big Daddy (Week 7/8)

By Chris Saur, FPA contributor

As we near the halfway point of the NFL season, injuries have begun to play a bigger and bigger role in handicapping games and playing fantasy sports.

When it comes to your Fantasy Pro Analyst rankings, a key injury one week can turn into a sweet sleeper the next.

In fact, the best way to put up big points is to be the one that figures out who is going to step in and fill a missing star’s spot that first week after an injury. Because that first week, he’s a sleeper. After that, he’s on everyone’s radar … even your slow buddy, you know the one that thought Matt Schaub was poised to have a breakout season.

So with Reggie Wayne out, will it be Darius Heyward-Bey that scoops up the extra catches from emerging superstar Andrew Luck? Or is there a lesser known guy like LaVon Brazill or Griff Whalen that will take advantage of the open spot and have a big game? And does the fact that both of those names sound made up mean they are a better or worse sleeper pick?

Jermichael Finley won’t be playing tight end this week so will it be Brandon Bostick who fills the void or someone else. Whoever it is could be a nice sleeper with Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball and only the crappy Vikings playing defense.

The other way to take advantage of injuries is to figure out who is going to put up huge numbers in his first game back from an extended stint on the shelf.

Gronk finally came back last week and was fourth in the rankings. Will Percy Harvin do the same thing this week against the Rams?

Play on playas
Big Daddy

Going deep with Big Daddy (Week 6/7)

by Chris Saur, FPA contributor
After the draft, regular fantasy players don’t get a lot of opportunities to show off their knowledge. Yeah you can discuss players with your buddies and make side bets, or even make one or two great waiver-wire pickups or trades throughout the year, but that’s about it.
If you are truly a fantasy genius — and I’m guessing about 50 percent of the people reading this think they are — the ranking style of Fantasy Pro Analyst is where you can really show your stuff.
Just look at last week’s results.
Maybe you knew Philly’s Nick Foles was poised to have a big game filling in for Michael Vick against the hapless Buccaneers and that Peyton Manning wouldn’t put up huge numbers because Denver would put the Jags away early. But unless you happened to have the roster flexibility to pick up Foles (who ended up as the second best QB) or a strong backup to put in for Manning (who finished out of the top 10 or the first week), you couldn’t really take advantage of that knowledge.
The situation in those same two games could have led you to believe Knowshon Moreno (the top running back this week) would put up big numbers as the Broncos ran the ball to protect their lead or that Tampa Bay would have to throw a lot to catch up, giving Mike Glennon and Vincent Jackson (this week’s top WR) lots of opportunities. But again, not much you could do with it unless you were in a very specific situation with your roster.
Looking ahead to Week 7, maybe you think Andrew Luck is going to have something to prove, coming off a loss and with Manning making his return to Indy. What are you going to do about it other than to pull of a major trade.
So for you fantasy geniuses out there — the ones who saw last week’s big numbers from Thaddeus Lewis, Brandon Jacobs and Justin Blackmon coming — FPA is the place to be.
Play on Playas,
Big Daddy

Going Deep with Big Daddy (Week 5-6)

By Chris Saur, FPA Contributor
So in honor of last night’s matchup between the still-winless New York Giants (seriously guys 0-6?) and the Chicago Bears, I thought we’d take a look at some of the season’s biggest disappointments and the fantasy effects of their terribleness.
Now that we have gone through six weeks, I have the 1-4 Falcons and the 0-4 Steelers as the other really disappointing squads, along with the G-men. 
The Redskins almost made the cut, but they overachieved last year against a weak division (though this year’s version of the NFC East is even more pathetic). And the Bucs, Jags, Panthers and Vikings suck too, but that was to be expected.
Getting back to the Giants …
David Wilson has been a huge bust and Eli Manning has pretty much played himself out of the Fantasy Pro Analyst rankings. While his brother is lighting the world on fire and leading almost every statistical category, Eli is firmly on top in one passing stat — interceptions (15).
New York’s crappy record and terrible general play does have one upside for fantasy players. With his team constantly behind, Eli has to pass a bunch and that means Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks and even Rueben Randle are getting more than there share of targets.
As for the Falcons …
Well first of all, what the hell is up with the Falcons? Roddy White has been out and is still limping around, Steven Jackson’s hurt and now Julio Jones is out for the season. Even Matty Ice hasn’t looked great, overthrowing receivers and making poor decisions. 
White should get back into the fantasy rankings soon, but both he and Tony Gonzalez should take a bit of a dip with Jones not there to stretch the field and occupy defenders. Gonzalez is still a good pick for now, but his numbers have been so good that a downslide, at least a little one, has to be coming.
And the Steelers …
Since Big Ben doesn’t have anyone to throw to (Jerricho Cotchery?), the Steelers don’t make much impact fantasy-wise. One guy to watch is Le’Veon Bell, who just played his first game of the year and should be totally healthy after the bye week. But with defenses keying on the rookie from Michigan State, it might be tough for him to have a real breakout fantasy week.
Play on Playas,
Big Daddy